Our production facility


Our production facility is located in Rayong, Thailand and has total annual capacity of 200,000 tons. We partner with leading global technology providers such as SMS group and EPNER to ensure that the best product quality and innovation can be achieved.   

With our uncompromising commitment to product quality and compliance with required standards in each market, we are certified according to the following local and international standards:

ISO 9001:2015

TIS 2012-2558

SNI 07-3567-2006

MS 2651:2015

Our production process

Push-Pull Pickling Line

To remove oxide scale from hot rolled steel surface

Electrolytic Cleaning Line

To clean and remove emulsion stain from rolling proces with the electrolytic system

Cold Rolling Mill (CVC type)

To roll steel to specific thickness and skin pass. Dual functions of advance technology of reversing cold mill

Skinpass Line

To provide the perfect finish for cold rolled strip after batch annealing stage

Batch Annealing Furnace

To improve steel mechanical properties like hardness. The process uses hydrogen to facilitate heat at an elevated temperature

Test and Inspections

In order to ensure the quality of all our products, we conduct physical and mechanical tests in accordance to steel coil standard applications. All Starcore products are issued with Mill Certificate

Tension Leveller and
Recoiling Line

To improve flatness of the steel, add oiling to finished surface and recoil steel to specific weight, thickness, width, shape and surface quality